Great music at the princely court: concert in baroque polychoral style

Große Musik am Fürstenhof 2022 | © Christian Schneider
In cooperation with the DomQuartier Salzburg and the Johann Michael Haydn Society Salzburg, the Department of Early Music of the Mozarteum University dedicates itself to the two great court conductors of 17th century Salzburg: Andreas Hofer and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber.
29 April at 19.00
DomQuartier Salzburg
Andreas Hofer and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber are somewhat overshadowed today by W.A. Mozart and Michael Haydn. While Biber still enjoys a certain fame due to his virtuoso violin sonatas, Hofer, who came from the neighboring town of Bad Reichenhall, is hardly ever performed. This may be due, among other things, to the considerable difficulties of scoring the sacred works. Always conceived in surround sound for the four organ galleries in the cathedral, it requires eight outstanding vocal soloists. In addition, there is a baroque instrumentarium from high tines to baroque trombones to the insignium of prince-bishop power, the choir of virtuoso natural trumpets for at least four voices. This will require a large continuo of dulcian, violone, cello two theorbos, harpsichord and organ. On April 29 and May 1, two four-choir major works by Heinrich Iganz Franz Biber and Andreas Hofer can finally be heard again in concerts in Salzburg and Bad Reichenhall, including a CD presentation. Biber's "Vesperae á 32" are lush vesper settings with Dixit Dominus and Magnificat for 32 voices. Andreas Hofer contributes his equally expansive "Missa Archi Episcopalis." The solo Mozarteum vocalEnsemble will be joined by the Capella dell'halla and students from the Department of Early Music at the Mozarteum University. The concerts also mark the founding of the new "Andreas Hofer Society" based in Bad Reichenhall!   Program: Andreas Hofer (1629-1684), from 1679 Court Kapellmeister at the Salzburg Court Missa Archi Episcopalis Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704), from 1684 Court Kapellmeister at the Salzburg Court Laetatus sum Vesperæ à 32 Performers: Capella dell 'halla Students of the Department of Early Music Soloists* of the Oratorio Class Mozarteum vocalEnsemble Conductor: Jörn Andresen

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