Directing projects on the theme of realism

Drama production
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Since the establishment of theater as a bourgeois art form in the 19th century, numerous authors and theater makers have formulated the demand to penetrate social reality with the means of art and to bring it to view in its contradictions. In the winter semester 2021/22, directing students will work with classical and contemporary drama texts, which they will set in relation to the social and political reality of our present.
The four productions were created in collaboration with students of the Department of Acting, Directing & Applied Theatre - Thomas Bernhard Institute and the  Department of Scenography.
The four theater texts negotiate co-conflicts arising from the collision of the individual striving for freedom, happiness, and self-realization with the norms and limitations of the historical situation and the existing social order. The central themes of the works include the social inequality of gender relations, the discomfort generated by sexuality and its social standardization, the class differences that have not been overcome despite universal claims to equality, and the global crises generated by the capitalist way of life.
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Casimir and Caroline or Youth without …

by Ödön von Horváth Directed by Marion Hélène Weber 
Stage and Costume Design: Carla Schwering
With: Annalisa Hohl, Juliette Larat, Lukas Vogelsang, Benjamin Viziotis, Rachid Zinaladin "
My generation is known to be very suspicious and imagines that it has no illusions
. In any case, it has significantly less than the one that led us towards glorious times."  (Ödön von Horváth) A generation that has been promised that everything will always be better goes to the Oktoberfest. Five young people in search of joy, friends, and freedom. And for the moment when the world stands still for a brief moment.
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Three sisters

by Anton Chekhov, German by Peter Urban Directed by: Lea Oltmanns 
Stage and costume: Selina Nowak
Sound: Alexander Bauer 
With: Carolina Braun, Marie Eick-Kerssenbrock, Linda Kummer, Martin Petzenhammer, Imke Siebert
"Just laugh, the migratory birds, the cranes for example, fly and fly, and whatever thoughts they may have, sublime or small, they will continue to fly and not know to what and where. They fly and will fly, whatever philosophers may appear among them; let them philosophize as much as they like, if only they can fly." (Anton Chekhov)
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Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen, German by Peter Zadek and Gottfried Greiffenhagen Director: Till Ernecke
Stage design: Wanda Stigler
Costume design: Christina Winkler
With: Daria Ivanova, Carl Herten, Philippa Fee Rupperti, Tristan Taubert, Darios Vaysi
"Yes, courage.
If you had that.
Then maybe you could live.
Despite everything." -Hedda Gabler-
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Two poor polish speaking Romanians

by Dorota Masłowska, German by Olaf Kühl Director/Video: Alek Niemiro
Stage/Costume/Video: Selina Schweiger
Music: Tom Gatza
With: Esther Berkel, Maren Solty, Mila Suttree, Alexander Smirzitz
Drunk, ragged and completely unpredictable, two poor, Polish-speaking Romanians stagger through the Polish a night filled with drugs, alcohol and dreams, between colorful delirium and painful slumps in reality, Parcha and Dschina search for a way to Warsaw, encountering lost figures from the social reality of contemporary Poland. A post-socialist road movie trip with cold turkey.
4 , 2022, from 4:00 p.m. 2nd performance: March 5, 2022, from 4:00 p.m. Theater im KunstQuartier