Perception: Exhibition of the [Visual]

Wed. 25.1.
In the bachelor exhibition of the students of the [Bildnerische] Innsbruck six different approaches to one theme - their own sensual and mental sensations as well as perceptions - are shown. The works refer to sensory impressions that have influenced the six artists* Michael "Dosk" Drolle, Ramona Mittendorfer, Regina Oberdorfer, Lena Palaver, Marie Schipflinger and Nadia Schützinger both in their childhood, adolescence and adulthood and that continue to influence them in their actions and creations.

They deal with the influence of people on their environment and vice versa - the shaping of themselves by the world around them. The students work in their works, in the most diverse ways, their perceptions of society: Be it with regard to the behavior of their fellow men, which has shaped them on the one hand, and which they now often question in retrospect. Be it internalized evaluations of society in relation to physicality. Or whether it is society's approach to animals and the intrusion of humans into biodiversity in local and international space - all works are united by a deep examination of social ideas.

As different as the works may be, they are all intended in their overall effect to put the visitors of the exhibition in a process of reflection on their own feelings and perceptions.