Coffee Talk

Thu. 13.4.—Thu. 1.6.2023
Info event
One hour. short info. room for questions. coffee for all: The University Library invites you to coffee! The "Coffee Talks" provide an opportunity to learn interesting facts about using the library and working with the library collections. The event is held every month under a different thematic focus - each time also leaving time for questions and exchange with the library staff.

Main topics:

  • 06.10.: 5 things you should know about MozSearch
  • 24.10.: Special Edition - Open Access Week
  • 25.10.: Special Edition - Open Access Week
  • 03.11.: Getting an overview - Collections in MozSearch
  • 01.12.: Are you still searching, or are you already finding? - Filtering search results correctly
  • 12.01.: Infinite expanses? - What the advanced search can do
  • 09.03.: Done! - How do I upload my thesis?
  • 13.04.: Up to date - Scientific journals as print and e-journal
  • 11.05.: Quickly finding the right sheet music - The music systematics
  • 01.06.: Predatory Publishing - Not every publication is a good publication