Fresh from the archive

Sun. 1.1.—Sat. 28.1.2023
Risografie | © [Bildnerische] Innsbruck
Since 2020, a risograph named Rosa has established itself as the centerpiece of the student-run self-publishing company Bilder_Nische. Rosa is a historic printing press known for its vibrant colors, a resource-saving process (soy-based cold-printing method), and charming idiosyncrasy in its operability. Risography is more than a particular technical process in the artistic production [of Bildnerische]: with Rosa, we enter an experimental field for modes of togetherness: storytelling, collective learning, collecting, assembling, tinkering, and deciding.
This continuous discourse is palpable in the diverse results, making them unique and special. In the upcoming exhibition, students of Bilder_Nische will present and exhibit some of these works. Insights and work samples open up that are collective as well as individual. One finds intimate and poster-like as well as intuitive and conceptual in this collaborative environment. Reason enough for a pre-Christmas, festive, joyous coming together: On December 22, Fresh aus'm Archiv will open together with a graphic market at the bakery - the Kulturbackstube, where works can be both presented and purchased. Particularly noteworthy is that under the label of Bilder_Nische a joint publication of the students is produced and published annually: the works Free as an Artist (2021) and Glow in the Dark (2022) will be on display, as well as artist*s editions and unique pieces from recent years. Silkscreens, drawings, letterpress and intaglio prints, risographs and unique mixed media, as well as bags, postcards, zines, posters and much more are waiting to be discovered and purchased by viewers. In pre-Christmas exhibition & market situation are unique copies, editions, risographs, silkscreens, etchings to purchase. We cordially invite you to get together, browse, chat and get to know each other.
To the [pictorial] Innsbruck