Mapping Ideas: Barbara Herold

Wed. 19.10.
"Turn-On Tune-In Drop-Out" AR/XR - total medial & inbetween - between deconstruction and re-formation. Of the senses in closed systems. lecture by Barbara Herold
Barbara Herold is a media artist whose practice deals with phenomena and structures that have been established through the influence of media technology on society. She creates simulation worlds, modifies and develops playful systems. Her works are performances that result from the synthesis of graphic and acoustic elements, gaming aesthetics and pop art, architecture and mechanics. Both as a solo artist and in collaborative projects, Barbara Herold works at the intersections of man and machine, nature and artificiality. In recent years, the artist has developed a series of AR installations for mobile devices, which can be experienced as geo-based augmented reality in Munich, Würzburg, Esslingen and Vienna, among other places.