Blur & Reflection

Wed. 12.10.—Sun. 23.10.2022
Exhibition by Manuel Gruber & Simon Piccolruaz
In his photographic work entitled "Unschärfe" Manuel Gruber dissolves fixed structures of the represented and reduces them to their principle. The fast pace of our contemporary society and the enormous flood of information, which has an impact on perception, form the starting point of his work. His photographs take on this blurring of what is perceived and demand a close look and a striving for different interpretations. With the desire to approach reality and the participation involved, the viewers become part of the work. Does what is reflected correspond to reality? What is reality? What can I believe and what not? These questions are the content of the work "Reflection" by Simon Piccolruaz . Even entering the room creates confusion, as a live recording of what is happening in the room is projected onto various mirrors. This creates images that constantly change as the viewer moves around the room and looks at them from different angles. Will it be possible for the viewer to distinguish the real from the unreal?