Wed. 19.10.—Mon. 31.10.2022
Exhibition by Franziska Nössing
Death is part of all our lives and very often causes great grief for the bereaved. Many find it difficult to get over the loss of a loved one. Some are helped by therapy, others by faith, and still others drown their sorrow in alcohol or throw themselves into work to suppress the pain. In doing so, they often bury their melancholy deep inside themselves. Often we are preoccupied with things that have not been said, questions that have not been asked or stories that we would have liked to hear from a loved one. What remains after death is first of all a great emptiness. The artist Franziska Nössing addresses the subject of death on both a personal and a meta level. She processes the death of her grandmother and invites interested people to also deal with the topics of mourning, death and transience. The kitchen is a place of encounter, of family gathering. The viewer:s are drawn into this intimate space and listen to the conversations of the three women in the grandmother's kitchen about the subject of death. The stove functions as a unifying element, as it symbolizes all kitchens and the conversations that take place in them. As a recipient, one can hardly escape the feminist aspect at the sight of the recreated stove, which defined the center of female authority and female rule, especially in the grandmother's generation. Franziska Nössing succeeds impressively in linking the scientific method of "oral history" with the emotional moment of "kitchen talk" in order to make her work tangible for the viewer.