Blank Page

Wed. 1.6.—Thu. 9.6.2022
Bachelor exhibition by Andreas Platzer: Blank Page deals with being a woman and how it is shaped in society through language. Gender, as a social construct, is not a character trait, but is produced and reproduced in society by those who act. Language is used as a tool to maintain prevailing notions of gender. Blank Page stands metaphorically for the blank page we represent at the beginning of our existence. Over the years, others leave their mark on it through words. What is said becomes internalized and contributes to one's own gender identity. This project aims to make visible how often and in what form gender-specific role attributions and expectations of women find expression in everyday language.
Andrea Platzer, born on 14.02.1996, lives and studies Visual Education at the Mozarteum in Innsbruck. Previously she worked as a graphic designer after attending the school HTL for construction & design. Her works deal with current socio-political issues. To realize her strongly conceptual visions, she likes to resort to digital media.