Sun. 9.1.—Sun. 30.1.2022
Climate change and the resulting melting of glaciers continue to advance, and natural disasters and weather extremes are actually exacerbated by the melting of glaciers. This loss of matter - ice and snow - from glaciers is addressed in the work of artist Charlotte Schwarz.
What does a world without glaciers look like? What awaits us in the future? These questions are a central theme in their exhibition. In glaciology, 3D point clouds are used to document and study the movements and changes of glaciers. This scientific visualization of glacier melt is implemented in the artistic work in an installative and sculptural way. This allows the viewer to physically immerse themselves in a model of a glacier. Charlotte Schwarz is studying for a master's degree at the University Mozarteum, Innsbruck, and in her artistic work she is primarily concerned with changes in nature.