Quality Manage-ment

Quality management & development planning

The tasks of the department, which reports directly to the Rector, are the ongoing coordination of content and planning and the editorial supervision of development planning, the performance agreement and the intellectual capital statement, as well as the quality management (incl. evaluation) of the University.


Quality Approach at Mozarteum University

The quality management system (QMS) is development-oriented: “What do we do particularly well? Why and how?” Quality Management activities are accompanied by learning opportunities for everyone involved. 

The QMS is continuously tailored - like a tailor-made suit - to the university's current processes, structures and developments. The QMS uses monitoring instruments (e. g. evaluation procedures and their results), control and information systems to support people in achieving their goals and the university’s goals in their individual working contexts. 

The QMS covers all (performance) areas of the university: studying, teaching (including further training), advancement and appreciation of the arts, (artistic) research, organization, administration and human resources, internationalization and societal goals.

From quality strategy to living quality culture: Strategy development connects external expectations (e. g. BMBWF) with internal beliefs and needs. University members from all stakeholder groups (rectorate, senate, university council, teachers, students, employees, etc.) are involved in the QMS in line with the principles of a self-learning organization.

Based on four standards, the QMS was certified by AQ Austria (Quality Audit 2017/2018) and therefore meets the test areas listed in the HS-QSG according to § 22 Abs. (2). The QMS is periodically subjected to an external audit in accordance with this law.

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Kai Bachmann | © Christian Schneider
Kai Bachmann

Ass.-Prof. for applied music theory, Ass.-Prof. for fine level listening & supervision of scientific work, Staff member for evaluation

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