Music Education in Innsbruck

In 1981 the Mozarteum Academy set up a department in Innsbruck where the Music Education study course (now: teaching subject in teacher training course) has been offered right from the start, and, since 1986, Teaching a Musical Instrument. In 2006 the study course Teaching a Musical Instrument / Teaching Singing was set up in cooperation with the Tyrol Regional Conservatory as a Mozarteum study course. About 200 students are at present enrolled in the Department of Music Education – Innsbruck, following courses in musical educational theory. Renowned teaching staff convey a balanced artistic, pedagogical and academic training at a high university level. The entrance examination as required by the university law to prove the candidate’s artistic suitability also ensures the essential standard of the entrance prerequisites. Graduates of the study courses are for the most part active as teachers in higher educational institutes and in music educational professions at music schools. They are also engaged in the regional and national cultural and education scene as practising musicians, choir directors, conductors and in church music. In 2018 it is planned to move into the Haus der Musik in the centre of Innsbruck. Besides providing appropriate rooms for teaching and practising in keeping with modern requirements, this opens up new perspectives of cooperation with partner institutions in music education.

diatonic accordion
double bass
IGP Musizieren in Diversitätskontexten
Instrumental Education -location Innsbruck
Instrumental Education Salzburg
music education - location Innsbruck
music education - location Salzburg
music education 1 subject - location Innsbruck
percussion instruments
PhD-study (doctor of philosophy)
traverse flute
tyrolian folk harp
IGP Jazz/Pop in Innsbruck
IGP Musizieren in Diversitätskontexten in Innsbruck
Head of Department: Univ.Prof. Isabel Gabbe
Deputy Head of Department: Mag. Reinhard Blum

Claudia Bauer Maximilian Bauer Priv.-Doz.
Franz Baur
Univ.Prof. Dr. Federico Celestini
Stephan Costa MA.
Dr.phil. Ingrid Czaika
Mag. Francois-Pierre Descamps
Ao.Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Kurt Drexel
Johanna Dumfart BA. Anne-Suse Enßle BA. BA. MA.
Mag. Dr. Monika Fink Gunnar Fras
Anna Maria Fritz
Reinhard Gritsch
Christoph Johannes Hartmann
Univ.Prof. Dr. Heike Henning
Klaus Hofer
Romed Hopfgartner
Axel Humbert
Univ.Prof. Kurt Hüttinger
Univ.Prof. Benjamin Kammerer
Hannes Kerschbaumer BA. MA. Christine Kisielewsky BA.
Mag. Dr. Peter Kostner
Univ.Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.phil. Christian Kraler
Angelica Ladurner
Univ.Prof. Dr. Armin Langer
Lipa Majstrovic
Mag. Mag. Dr. Petra Music MA.
Stefan Neuner
Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Maria Nussbaumer-Eibensteiner
Toshio Oishi
Dr. Helga Maria Palm-Beulich
MMag. Dr. Pier Paolo Pasqualoni Martin Robert Patscheider
Dr. Milijana Pavlovic
Univ.Ass. Mag. Christine Peham
Maria Ploner
Harald Pröckl
Mag. Alexander Ringler
Philipp Rist BA. MA.
Christoph Rösel
Walter Rumer
Univ.Prof. Mag. Eva Salmutter
Johanna Schöch
Vera Schoenenberg
Bernhard Werner Schwarz BA. Ing. Dr. Dorothea Charlotte Seel
Kerstin Siepmann
Maria Isabel Siewers de Pazur
Marion Spingler Dr.phil. Johannes Leo Steiner
Sebastian Themessl
Georg Winfried Thoma BA. BA. BA.
Paolo Tomada
Michael Tomasi
Honorarprofessor/in Laurence Traiger Marco Treyer
O.Univ.Prof. Peter Ullrich
Julia Vigl BA.
Friederike Wagner-Leinhäupl
Mag. Peter Waldner Christian Wegscheider
Christian Gebhard Franz Wegscheider
Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Julia Wieneke Dipl.-Mus.-Päd. Angelika Wolf-Jungreithmeyer
Konrad Zeller