Gerhard Rupert Pirklbauer

* 1954     
Gerhard Pirklbauer, ao.Prof. M.A.; LD., was teaching at the University Mozarteum 1983-2019. He was born in 1954 in Salzburg. His first year he spent with his mother in Trimmelkam and 1955 in Freistadt (both Upper Austria), because his father (a coal and oil engineer was invited to the United States of America to study modern technologies of coal mining. His father played both: classical music (classical sonatas of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and easier pieces of Schubert) and American popular music on the piano. He was his first piano teacher. Also his mother (and her ancestors) were musically talented: in Southern Bohemia they were playing string-instruments and conducting local marching bands. He started early by improvising on the piano folksongs he heard at school during his elementary schooldays. During his secondary grammar school years in Saalfelden (1964-72). He continued with piano lessons combining this later with church organ (actually, it was a Hammond C 3) and guitar mostly autodidactic. From then he often plays organ on Sunday services and formed a school music band (pop group) to play electric guitar and perform during school events. In summer of 1972 he met Friedrich Gulda in Salzburg again, who showed him to play what Gulda called himself free (free-tonal) music. Since Gulda was testing his newly bought recorder (bassrecorder flute).Gulda invited him to accompany him on the piano and clavichord while Gulda was playing on his new acquired instrument. This encounter left a big impact and made him to decide studying music. He had an agreement with his father that he should study law which led to his combining law studies at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg and music at the Hochschule Mozarteum same time. After his doctorate degree in law in 1977, he focused the following years studying composition with Prof. Helmut Eder und conducting with Prof. Gerhard Wimberger at the Hochschule Mozarteum. His composition Divertimento a Quattro won the second prize at the international competition for composition organized by the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, Hochschule Mozarteum and the ORF in 1979.Shortly after that he also won a second prize in a competition for interpretation on electronic organ Electone competition organized by Yamaha. In summer of 1980 his graduation composition: Divertimento Mozarteum for orchestra was performed in the Mozarteum Großer Saal by the Hochschulorchester Mozarteum Salzburg with Rupert Huber conducting. 1974 he took two jazzmusic courses in Burghausen and 1975 one at the Mozarteum, in 1987 he participated in the course with Herbie Hancock (of the International Summer academy initiated by Rolf Liebermann. Since 1978 he accompagnied artists for a couple of cabaret programs for the ORF Salzburg. Since 1978 he has been performing with Azuka Tuburu (soprano and percussion) classical music, improvising African rhythm, gospels and sometimes New Music, later jazz longtime teaching & performances: For about twenty years (1972-1993 organist for Sunday services in an Upper Austrian church-community. For ten years (1979-1989) he taught piano, music theory and accompagniment for singers, instrumentalists and choir in an Upper Austrian music- school. From 1983 till 2019 he was teaching harmony and counterpoint at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. The first twenty years at the above mentioned Hochschule he was in the Musicpedagogic Department building up the IGP studies (Instrumental- and Gesangspädagogik. During this period, apart from teaching he excessively and exclusively did most of the administrative jobs and executed them too. Approximately one hundred new teachers =the number of teacher employed increased from appr. 50 to approx. 150, before this department was miniaturized by the new structures at the end of the century. Been member of severals curricula commissions, more than 16 years Abteilungskollegium (writing more than 100 protocols), Gesamtkollegium, many Berufungskommissionen. Member of jury and President of the jury for International piano contests (Epinal, France) in 1997. More than ten years he was delegate (representant for the BUKO (Bundeskonferenz des akademischen Mittelbaues der Österreichischen Hochschulen und Universitäten), later he was member of the Expertenkommissionen des Bundesministerium für das Universitätsstudienrecht und Universitätsorganisationsrecht (in the late 1990ies) getting ready the Kunsthochschulen being converted to universities. Arrangements for TV: ZDF (e.g. Eurovision: Einer wird gewinnen) for Japan TV Fernsehen: Christmas Concert for Ernst Haefliger (Tenor, choir and ensembles. Live Piano Improvisation film music: Long films: Metropolis (Fritz Lang 1926), (several times); The Trail of 98 (1928); Das Kino 1998:Orlac`s Hands (Die unheimlichen Hände des Doktor Orlac, Regie: Robert Wiener 1924). Two performances (Beredte Hände, Exhibition of Residenzgalerie Salzburg in cooperation with the Salzburg Summer Festival 2004 in: Das Kino), South (1919) Antarctic Expedition Sir Ernest Sackleton; Salzburger Pfingstfestspiele 2012 under Cecilia Bartoli: Live film music Cleopatra 1912 with Helen Gardner (two performances Holywoodiana) Short films: Charlie Chaplin and more than one hundred Laurel and Hardies (also for the Biennale Salzburg 2011) Complete film music of Neuf femmes a Paris a film by Peter Reinhard Gruber (this film is not yet released). Compositions for Orchestra: (Divertimento Mozarteum, Concert for Saxophone and Orchestra performed by Ferenc Tornai and Hans Graf (conducting the Mozarteum Orchestra); Missa brevis Polystilistica (perf. by Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden), Chamber music, OTAI (in memoriam Cesar Bresgen), Georg Trakl Lieder (performed by Ingrid Mayr (alto), The Austrian String Quarett (=Österr. Streichquartett), Jean Paul Hansen englishhorn); Josef Hofmann Lieder; Piano, Gospel, Spiritual Songs, CDs (new music) with Wolfgang Roscher; CDs with Azuka Tuburu CDs with Special Event jazz group; Classical Performances (classical music, own compositions and gospel/spirituals) with Azuka Tuburu in Lagos (Nigeria) Muson Festival 1999, Bellapais Festival (Northern Cyprus 2000, Thamassat University Bangkok 2001