Matthias Seidel

* 1949     
From 1980 to 2016 Professor for Guitarre at University Mozarteum Salzburg
2009-2013 Chariman of the Senate
2014-2016 vice chancellor for academic affairs

Matthias Seidel was born in 1949 in Stuttgart. In his early years he received his first guitar tuition in Stuttgart with Edmund Wensiecki, complemented by regular seminars, with Karl Scheit among others. In 1969 he went on to study in Salzburg at the Mozarteum, at that time the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, with Professor Barna Kovats and in 1974 graduated with distinction. There then followed a contract to teach the guitar at the Mozarteum University, the development of a busy schedule of concert performances, mostly chamber music in various configurations, and regular work for the Salzburg Festival.

In 1980 Matthias Seidel was made professor of guitar and was given a class at the Mozarteum University for the training of future performers. In the years that followed this class turned out many talented young players. Some very well-known guitarists, who through their concert performances as well as their teaching activities have greatly enriched the guitar scene, were the products of this class.

Master classes at home and abroad and participation as a member of the jury in a whole variety of competitions complement his work as a teacher. He is also an energetic organizer of many projects which include:
restructuring of child-centred music education in Salzburg in the form of specialist study groups and pedagogic work under the direction of Professor Bruno Steinschaden.
Founding and developing various festivals of guitar music, such as Rovereto (1986), Schorndorfer Gitarrentage (1989-99), Laufener Guitar Concerts (since 2002), Schorndorfer Whitsun Concerts (since 2006).
directing opera projects with George Tabori and Udo Zimmermann within the context of the Mozarteum International Summer Academy.
Initiating and planning the concert series "Treffpunkt Solitär: Die Gitarre" at the Mozarteum in addition to his leadership roles at the University:
department head, subject leader, study coordinator, chair of the Foundation Convention, acting chair of the Senate until 30.09.2013.

Since the year 2000 Matthias Seidel has been a founding member of the ensemble "Tri(o)colore" with Maria Kiefer (Flute) and Marcus Hartmann (violin/viola) as well as the "DuoSeidel" (recorder/guitar). These ensembles receive many invitations to perform concerts at home and abroad (festival in Kuhmo/Finland, Schorndorfer Gitarrentage) and are also associated with the development of musical projects such as: "Lyrik und Musik" (with Herbert Rosendorfer/Eppan among others), music for the theatre (Ruperti Bühne Berchtesgaden), concerts in museums and castles, music for banquets and much else besides.