Boguslaw Schaeffer

em. O.HProf. Dr.
* 1929     † 2019
1986-1997 Professor in composition at University Mozarteum

Boguslaw Schäffer, remarkable Polish Composer and music theoretician of great originality; born in Lwów (today Ukraine), June 6, 1929. After studies in violin at Opole, he studied composition with Arthur Malawski at the State High School of music in Cracow, and musicology with student of Schönberg Jachimecki at the Jagello University in Cracow (1949-53). In 1959, he took lessons Luigi Nono and in 1963, he became professor of composition at the conservatory of Cracow. In 1967, he started a periodical devoted to new music, Forum Musicum. Schäffer's early compositions are inspired by the melorhythms of Polish folksongs but he made a decisive turn in 1953 with his Music for Strings: Nocturne, which became the first serial work by a Polish composer. He devised a graphic and polychromatic optical notation indicating intensity of sound, proportional lengths of duration, and postion of notes in melodic and contrapuntual lines, with the components arranged in binary code; he has also written music in the "third stream" style, combining jay with classical procedures. He makes use of the entire spectrum of musical resources, including the antigenic type of 'decomposed' music. In 1986 he became professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg.
(Barker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians)