Course Period 1

Alexander Technique

11.07.2022 - 23.07.2022

Myrto Aretaiou

Languages: German, English, Greek

Born 1980 Athens / Greece, 2002 degree in Cultural Studies at the Pantion-Universitat; many years of dance and singing education. 2007 diploma at the School for Alexander Technique in Berlin by Dan Armon; teachers: Sibylle Havemann, Yehuda Kuperman, Odyssey Gaveau. Main professional activity as an Alexander Technique teacher in private practice in Athens; teaching position at the University of Ioannina; workshops at the National Conservatory in Athens, Kodaly Conservatory, Athens Conservatory, Guitarfor Education.

The Alexander Technique has a long history of helping instrumentalists and singers to perform with less stress and likelihood of injury. Musicians do some of the most complex and demanding physical movements of any profession. By helping musicians improve the quality of the physical movements involved in playing an instrument or singing, the Alexander Technique also helps improve the quality of the music itself.