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Research and/in the arts
Vortragsreihe des Forschungsmanagements
Faistauersaal | Mirabellplatz 1 | 5020 Salzburg
event gallery
Eine Veranstaltung von: Forschungsmanagement
Prof. Michael Worton: „Artistic research and interdisciplinarity: opportunity or challenge? “
Research drives the agendas of most of the world’s leading universities, though not, significantly, of many the leading art conservatoires, where the main focus remains the training and development of creative and performing artists. At the same time, interdisciplinarity is now one of the main priorities of the leading global universities. So what of artistic research?

In this talk, Prof. Michael Worton considers how interdisciplinarity offers both opportunities and challenges for researchers in the arts. He will also argue that strong disciplines are critical to effective interdisciplinary research and that arts researchers need therefore be clear about what defines and differentiates their research practices from those of the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences, inviting an exchange of ideas about how such definitions can be conceptualised and articulated.

Professor Michael Worton, Vice Provost (International) and Fielden Professor of French at the University College Londen UCL (retired), is an internationally regarded scholar of French literature and literary criticism, and has written extensively on French Literature, gender studies, art and critical theory.
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