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ZULASSUNGSPRÜFUNGEN 2022: 5.- 7. Juni 2023

Für alle drei Studien
BA EMTP (146) Curriculum Bachelor
MA EMTP(746) Curriculum Master EMTP
MA EMBP(747) Curriculum Master EMBP
Anmeldung bis 30.3.2023 unter: https://www.uni-mozarteum.at/de/studium/zulassung_termine.php?o=19126




Musik und Tanz in Sozialer Arbeit und Integrativer Pädagogik

geplant Studienjahr 2022/2023

Broschüre MTSI2022.pdf



Elementare Musik- und Bewegungspädagogik

geplant 2023/2024



Advanced studies in music and dance education - "orff Schulwerk" - Special Course

Due to the pandemic the Special Course "Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - Orff-Schulwerk" cannot be offered in 2021. It is planned to hold the next Special Course 2024/25

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the organisation team

teaching language: English




INTERNATIONALER SOMMERKURS "Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy - Orff-Schulwerk"

International Summer Course 2022—Postponed!

"Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy—Orff Schulwerk"


Unfortunately, the International Summer Course must be cancelled again this summer.


The current international situation of the CoVid-19 pandemic has not relaxed enough for us to be able to plan such a large course. However, we are hopeful that in Summer 2023 we will be able to welcome you in person again at the Orff Institute in Salzburg.



The Organization Team

Ruth Burmann und Ari Glage