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Edutainment and other software:


"Lisssn" - the ultimate click and point-game for musical adventurers
for kids and grown-ups
Now in the App Store for Mac and on Steam for Windows

...and for the impatient, there is a walkthrough as well

My musical Winery   See whether you can play a given musical string on wineglasses
Who plays faster (with more precision)?   A Fingertapping Speed and Accuracy Test on the Keyboard (Freeware)
Fingertapping 1.4
Blechi's good times   How to quickly learn the multiplication table. With exercises (in German).
Piano on your notebook
You can count on Blechi   A game teaching the correlation between sets and numbers 1 to 10 for kindergarten and preschool (in German).
3-digit Numbers   Can you read them out loud? For elementary school level (in German)
Blechi on red alert   A game teaching the colors red, green, blue and yellow for kindergarten and preschoolers (in German)
Zahlenlernen 1.0   Learning numbers from 0 to 100 (in German)
Fourier synthesis 1.0   Superimpose up to 5 Sine waves for the fields of acoustics and sound design

RoWo's Sine Wave Generator 1.0   A free Sine Wave Generator on your computer


RoWo's beat 1.0.1   A free bpm (beats per minute) meter on your computer


RoWo's Metronome 1.3   A free metronome on your computer

Klaviernoten Lernspiel, Interactive training to learn note names and the corresponding keys on a piano using midi ad lib.

Gitarrenoten Lernspiel, Interaktive training to learn note names and the corresponding frets on a guitar

The Dancing Notes
, Music notation in dependency of the players input
Hyperguitar, a multimedia CD-ROM for learning to play the guitar (english and german)

Baroque Guitar , about the instrument and the recording of Robert de Visée's >livre de guitare< of 1685

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