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Extension des techniques vocales

Musicalisation de la parole
Transmutation de la voix
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Extending Vocal Techniques

Vox-5 - Trevor Wishart (b.1946)
For tape
Commissioned by Ircam
Technical Advisor: Miller Puckette
Music Assistant: Thierry Lancino
World Premiere: Radio France, May 1997
Length: 6 minutes Publisher: unpublished
Discography: WER 2023-50, Virgin VC 791188-2

It's through analysing his own voice and through signal-processing techniques that composer Trevor Wishart extends and enriches vocal materials.

Using a phase vocoder, in an initial version produced at Ircam by Eric Viara and Yves Potard, the composer analysed recordings of his own voice. Thereafter, with a special program he wrote himself, he was able to reduce the considerable mass of the phase vocoder's analytic data, and calculate sound interpolations between various vocal materials, thereby producing unexpected results.
Here is an example, in which a voice recalling a Buddhist chant is transformed into a cloud of insects, ending with a return to the voice.

Methods which allowed for working on the sounds' temporal envelope enabled other transformations too. In this example, you can hear the voice resounding like bells.

By sophisticated manipulations of the spectral envelope, a voice splits , modulating into crowd noise while periodically making audible respirations and guttural throat scraping.

Finally, a last process for separating partials (frequency components) and time stretching effects the transmutation of the voice's timbre: the components of vocal sound disentangle and form layers deployed at different speeds.

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