Common Music Tutorials

Tutorials may be used with CM version 2.7.0 or higher:

Most of the tutorials were prepared for the Music Composition in Lisp tutorial session at the ILU Conference, Stanford University (June 2005).

Using the tutorials

Read and practice the tutorials in Emacs with Lisp syntax highlighting turned on (Options menu) and Common Music running in the Listener. Lisp expressions can be evaluated by clicking on the first or last parentheses in the expression and using C-x C-e to evaluate the expression in the Listener window.

Tutorials are written in the Common Lisp syntax. To use the tutorials in Scheme evaluate the following expressions before attempting the examples:

Macro definitions for Scheme.

;;; evaluate these to use examples in Scheme

(define-macro (defun name formals . body)
  `(define (,name ,@formals) ,@body))

(define-macro (defparameter name value)
  `(define ,name ,value))