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Anna Lauvergnac,

  • Mirabellplatz 1
  • 5020 Salzburg

From 1999 to 2008 Anna Lauvergnac has been the voice of the Vienna Art Orchestra, performing hundreds of concerts in Europe’s main jazz festivals and theatres as well as Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Russia. She recorded 11 CDs with the orchestra.

After leading various line ups and projects from duo to septet, in 2010 she founded her current band, a Pan-European quartet featuring stellar musicians Claus Raible on piano, Giorgos Antoniou on bass and Steve Brown on drums. Her last three recordings received a nominations for the German Critic prize, winning the award in 2014 with the album “Coming Back Home”.

She appeared as a featured solo artist on events such as the Ruhrtriennale, the Midem, and the Opening of the Wiener Festwochen and wrote music and songs for seven movies of Austrian Director Xaver Schwarzenberger.

As a lyricist she’s been writing for different bands and projects, including the Vienna Art Orchestra, Julia Huelsmann trio, Till Martin quartet, Andy Manndorff Band, the Big Apple Circus New York, Pecoraro&Pecoraro, Willi Resetarits.
She’s a creative writer for the Italian edition of Wall Street International Magazine.

Anna Lauvergnac had the pleasure and the honour to share the stage with musicians such as: Andy Bey, Pete Bernstein, Claus Raible, John Di Martino, Friz Pauer, Wolfgang Puschnig, Paolo Fresu, Bojan Z, Julien Lourau, Marc Buronfosse, Cameron Brown, Renato Chicco, Alegre Corrèa, Marc Abrams, Steve Kirby, Rick Hollander, Howard Curtis, Paulo Cardoso, Oliver Kent, Florian Bramboeck, Willi Resetarits, Harry Ahamer, Harry Sokal, Hans Strasser, Erwin Schmidt, Christian Havel, Martin Siewert, Martin Reiter, Gregor Hilbe, Christian Wegscheider, Andy Manndorff, Paul Urbanek,  Bumi Fian, Bertl Meyer, Roman Schwaller, Christian Maurer, Andy Scherrer, Herwig Gradischnig,Uli Langhtaler, Dusan Novakov, Mario Gonzi, Matt Home, Claus Koch, Karoline Strassmayer, Hans Salomon, Heinz Von Hermann, Karl Sayer, Ingrid Oberkanins, Achim Tang, Werner Feldgrill, Martin Zenker, Till Martin Quartet (with Tizian Jost, Henning Siewert and Bastian Jutte) Julia Huelsmann trio, Claus Raible Orchestra, the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra.