Eugen Maria Schulak, Dr.phil.

Lecturer Technical Theory / UF Design: Technology.Textile

  • Alpenstraße 75/II (Room: L02006)
  • 5020 Salzburg

Eugen Maria Schulak studied Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy and History and established the first philosophical consultancy in Vienna in 1998. He works with the Siemens Academy of Life. He holds workshops und lectures for Siemens Austria, Business Circle, Design Austria, Austrian Kontrollbank, Esterházy Betriebe, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Bio Austria, Federal Chamber of Architects, Caritas, Pro Mente, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Wiener Wohnen, Business Theater and Lower Austrian Academy. He published eleven books, which have been translated in English and Chinese, numerous articles in anthologies, professional journals and magazines. He teaches at the Vienna University, the Donau University Krems, the Mozarteum University Salzburg, the Fachhochschule in Vienna, in Wiener Neustadt and in Eisenstadt and at the Institute for Value-Based Economics.