Master programme wind orchestra conducting

The aim of the Master degree course in wind orchestra conducting at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg is to give students a modern, comprehensive, practical, well-founded and advanced training in the sphere of wind orchestra conducting. The Master degree course focuses on acquiring artistic, practical and theoretical well-founded knowledge and its application in the practice of wind orchestra conducting.

The Master degree course enables graduates to become artistic directors of all kinds of musical ensembles, whereby the conducting of wind ensembles and orchestras is given special emphasis during the training.  Another main focus is training in the sphere of instrumentation and arranging.
The Master degree course lasts four semesters, comprises between 23 and 37 semester hours, and leads to the qualification Master of Arts.   It raises and intensifies training in the subjects of artistic practice and moreover offers the opportunity to develop special artistic inclinations and scientific interests.

In order to be eligible for enrolment on the Master degree course it is necessary to have completed a relevant Bachelor degree or an equivalent course at a recognised Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution (according to § 64, paragraph 5 University Law).

External applicants can be accepted on the Master degree course only if they fulfil the qualitative enrolment conditions and in accordance with the available university places.  Fulfilling the qualitative enrolment conditions is oriented in terms of content towards the Bachelor degree and verifies the requirements for this. In the context of this verification external applicants have to prove their artistic potential for being able to complete the Master degree course.  The works as stipulated in the curriculum have to be prepared and conducted with a duration of 15 minutes.  A written test on instrumentation also has to be completed.

A scientific or an artistic written master thesis has to be completed during the course.

The artistic part of the Master examination consists of an internal exam lasting about 30 minutes and a public concert.