University course elemental music and dance education

In the range of artistic educational courses on offer, the university course in the Educational Theory of Music and Movement refers to the curricula for primary schools and is intended to convey to teachers the skills and competence necessary for the working spheres of music education: singing, elementary playing of an instrument, moving to music, listening to music.
Furthermore the participants should also be enabled to realise the “didactic principles” as stated in the curriculum, in teaching as well as understanding music, movement and art as something fundamental and also interdisciplinary (combined with German, foreign-language teaching / English, special subject teaching and sport).  In artistic and educational work the participants should be encouraged to again go in search of the artistic element, discover their own creative capacities, extend their repertoire of methods so as to be increasingly equipped to deal competently with the creative impetus of their pupils.

The educational theory of elementary music and movement comprises and integrates all special areas of musical and dance-like/movement which appear to be of central significance for the artistic and educational training of a human being.  Essential foundations are the combination and correlation of language/voice, music and movement/dance and art as well as their interdisciplinary inspiration.  Fundamental to and characteristic of the educational theory of elementary music and movement is the artistic, educational and creative approach to music, language and dance in work with groups.  Special working principles are deduced from this: exploration, improvisation, composition, reproduction, reception and reflection.

The university course is intended for teachers who are interested in the creative use of language, music and dance in their field of activity.  The university course offers an extension of their professional qualification.

*  Carl Orff Institute for Elemental Music an Dance Pedagogy

In order to enrol, each applicant has to supply proof of a completed course in educational theory, or proof of completion of a course relevant to educational theory at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.  Interested persons with legally equivalent degrees or with a relevant professional qualification can be enrolled (e.g. persons who have completed a course at an educational institute for teaching in kindergartens).  Enrolment occurs, if the necessary prerequisites are fulfilled, in the order in which applications are received.

Registration has to occur by means of the registration form at the latest two months before the university course begins.

The course lasts two semesters and comprises 8 weekends in one study year.  The course will be held from a minimum number of 12 participants; maximum size of the group: 16.  The teaching language is German.  Teaching takes place in blocks from Friday afternoon until Sunday midday.  The number of teaching hours per weekend amounts to 22.

After positive assessment of all teaching units and the presentation of the documentation of a project carried out in the participant?s own sphere of activity, participants receive a detailed certificate about the subjects and extent of the course.

The course fee for each participant amounts to EUR 1,800 and has to be paid in advance.