Diploma programme conducting

The diploma program can not be started anymore.
Students who study in the summer semester 2019 in the diploma course Conducting with the branches of Choral conducting or orchestral conducting according to the curriculum version 2008 have the right to complete their studies according to these regulations until 30.11.2022 (first diploma) or 30.11.2025 (second diploma)

The information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Choral Conducting as well as the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Orchestra Conducting can be found on the following pages of the homepage:

Bachelor programme / Master programme Choral Conducting
Bachelor programme / Master programme Orchestra conducting

The aim of the course in conducting at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg is to enable graduates to be the artistic directors of all kinds of musical ensembles.  This includes the ability to coach and also to direct ensembles from the piano. Part of the overall repertoire is allocated to both study options, choir and orchestra conducting, or requires cooperation, for example opera, oratorio and a major part of church music.

The purely vocal or instrumental ensembles are course specific.  As in many cases they overlap, the course aims to convey to students on one study option an insight into the specific tasks and working methods in the other study option.  A further aim is to draw the attention of students to possibilities of specialisation and to give them competent advice regarding their preferred areas of specialisation.

The course is divided into two sections. Part One of the course comprises six semesters and ends with the 1st Diploma Exam.

The 1st Diploma Examination is held before a board and comprises conducting, piano, playing from a piano score and an orchestral score, and compositional technique.  The conducting part consists of a rehearsal with a (vocal) ensemble or orchestra and an internal examination (conducting an accompagnato recitative and another work).  Compositional technique consists of a written and an oral part.

Part Two comprises four semesters and is divided into the study options choir conducting and orchestra conducting.  The second part of the course ends with the positive completion of the 2nd Diploma Exam in the study options choir conducting and orchestra conducting.

A characteristic of the course is that the student can, besides the legally prescribed free optional subjects, take options which form an individual emphasis during the course.

In order to be eligible for the diploma course it is necessary to have full command of the German language and to have passed the enrolment exam. This consists of proof of conducting talent by conducting prepared works, a test of piano knowledge, the presentation of a brief scene from a German or Italian opera from the piano, playing a section from an opera or oratorio from sight from the piano score, and also a test of knowledge in compositional technique by listening and in analysis.

The 2nd diploma exam consists of a diploma project comprising an artistic and a written part and an exam before a board, during which the diploma project is presented as well as an internal diploma exam focusing on choir or orchestra conducting, and a public part which consists of a public performance as a conductor of an orchestra or vocal ensemble.