Diploma programme stage design

Future stage designers are faced with a variety of possible activities which include everything from proposal, conversion and furnishing of theatre, film and television productions to working on a superior professional level in artistic and technical departments for theatre and film.
The diverse training at the Mozarteum Salzburg offers additional possibilities to conceptualize and design exhibits and fairs as well as organizing festivals and events. As a freelance artist the opportunity for stage designers to apply their acquired knowledge in the various artistic fields may arise at any time.
The length of study for Stage Design is 8 semesters with a total of 280 credits.

After two years of intensive training providing the framework for artistic, cultural, theatrical history, talent and basic technical knowledge, the student may devote the last two years to refining concentrations in stage, costume, film/television or exhibit planning with a particular focus on technical knowledge.  Also during this section of study, personal experience, practical training in diverse theatres and international exchange programs are encouraged.
The curricular structure allows the student the possibility of completing part of the academic requirements abroad through internationally recognized universities.

In order to be eligible for the course it is necessary to have passed the enrolment examination, which consists of the presentation of a portfolio of compiled personal works and a three-day written art paper.

The diploma examination includes a joint exam consisting of parts of the compulsory subjects, a diploma thesis and a committee examination. The committee examination consists of presenting the diploma thesis to the examining board.