Bachelor programme / Master programme violoncello

The aims of the instrumental courses at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg are for students to achieve artistic maturity and independence, the ability to reflect critically and evaluate their own abilities, to achieve artistic and scientific skills so as to be able to analyse musical works of art from all epochs, the ability to carry out a profession, the ability to fulfil artistic, educational and organisational tasks with a cultural dimension.

The Bachelor course has a scope of 240 ECTS-points. Which is equivalent to a scheduled course duration of 8 semesters.

The course provides a thorough, versatile and career-oriented training and leads to the qualification Bachelor of Arts.


In order to be eligible for the Bachelor course it is necessary to pass the enrolment examination, consisting of an instrumental audition, an exam in basic knowledge of general music theory and an exam in elementary piano or harpsichord playing (=compulsory subject piano or compulsory subject harpsichord, not required for the two Bachelor courses Piano and Harpsichord respectively) as well as knowledge of German, if German is not the primary language.


A program consisting of works with high difficulty from different styles and epochs has to be presented.  The examination board selects a playing time of 10-15 minutes from the program.


During the course, one Bachelor project has to be written.


The commissional module exam in the Central Artistic Subject after 8 semesters (=Bachelor examination) consists of a public recital (approx. 45 minutes playing time) with works from solo and chamber-music literature from various epochs.

The Master degree course lasts four semesters, comprises between 23 and 37 semester hours and leads to the qualification Master of Arts.  It increases and intensifies the training in the subjects in artistic practice and moreover offers the opportunity to develop special artistic leanings and academic interests.

In order to be eligible for the Master degree course it is necessary to have completed a relevant Bachelor degree or an equivalent course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad (according to § 64, paragraph 5 of University Law).

Acceptance on the Master course is possible for external applicants only if they fulfil the qualitative enrolment conditions and according to the number of study places available.  Fulfilling the qualitative enrolment conditions is oriented in terms of content towards the Bachelor degree and as such is a supervisory verification of requirements.  In the course of this supervisory verification external applicants have to prove their artistic potential to achieve the master degree course.  A programme has to be presented which contains works of a high degree of difficulty from various stylistic epochs and lasting about 15 minutes.

During the course a scientific or an artistic written Master project has to be written.

The artistic part of the Master examination consists of an internal exam lasting about 30 minutes and a public concert lasting about one hour.