Master programme IGP Musizieren in Diversitätskontexten

The course at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in teaching an instrument or singing conveys skills in holding qualified lessons on an instrument or singing for the requirements of teaching in schools. Artistic and technically mature skills in playing an instrument (or singing) are acquired in the "Central Artistic Subject" (CAS) together with knowledge of the history of the instrument and how it is made, and also musical literature, the ability to participate in and direct a musical ensemble.  Furthermore, students acquire competence in conveying general musical knowledge as well as special instrumental skills and knowledge to pupils of different age groups, levels of talent and education, and students gain a solid basis in the theory of teaching music and musicology as well as potential in implementing this knowledge in a professional career.
The Master degree course serves to intensify the artistic, educational and scientific qualifications to the highest level.  The range of teaching units that have to be completed allows students to complete parts of the course at other universities in Austria or at internationally recognised foreign universities.

The Master degree course lasts four semesters and comprises 43 semester hours.

In order to enrol for the Master degree course it is necessary to have completed a relevant Bachelor degree or an equivalent course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.  It is also necessary to take part in an audition followed by a consultation.  Graduates of the Bachelor course from a different music academy in Austria or with an equivalent degree from a recognised foreign music academy have to perform an artistic programme lasting 15 to 20 minutes, corresponding to the examination requirements in the Central Artistic Subject of the Bachelor exam in Instrumental / Singing Educational Theory at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg which is followed by didactic questions.  For candidates from outside the German-speaking area it is necessary to prove their knowledge of German.

During the course a Master project on music educational theory, theory of music or music history has to be written.

The Master examination consists of 3 parts: an exam in the Central Artistic Subject, the exam in didactics and the oral exam on the special subject of the master project.
The first part consists of an internal audition with an overall programme lasting 25 to 30 minutes and a public audition lasting 30 minutes.
The second part consists of a teaching rehearsal lasting 20 minutes and didactic questions on the teaching rehearsal.