Master programme Lied und Oratorio

The qualification for the Master degree has to be proven by a completed Bachelor degree in singing or an equivalent degree, as well as a supplementary examination consisting of a procedure in two stages.

During the degree course, teaching unit examinations have to be passed, and also the planned compulsory projects have to be positively assessed. The Master examination consists of an artistic or scientific Master project and a Master examination before a board at the end of the last prescribed semester.

Master Degree in Lied and Oratorio



On this degree course the stylistically differentiated interpretation of lied and oratorio literature is developed and especially the cooperation with piano accompaniment or continuo group.

The Master degree lasts 4 semesters, comprises 50 semester hours and ends with the Master degree.

The Master examination before a board consists of two public performances.  In the first part the candidate performs pieces of his or her own choice from the examination programme (duration about 30 minutes).  The examination programme should be compiled of 30 songs from at least three different styles and epochs, and 4 roles from oratorios in different styles.  The oratorio repertoire makes up a major part of the examination.
A public song recital makes up the second part of the examination (duration about 50 minutes).