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Barockvioline/baroque violin Mayumi Hirasaki (24.7.-2.8.)
Historische Aufführungspraxis/H.I.P.P. Reinhard Goebel (24.7.-28.7.)
Blockflöte/recorder Matthijs Lunenburg (24.7.-28.7.)
Kees Boeke (29.7.-2.8.)
Traversflöte/baroque flute Rachel Brown (Replacement teacher for Linde Brunmayr-Tutz) (24.7.-28.7.)
Marcello Gatti (29.7.-2.8.)
Zink/cornetto Matthijs Lunenburg (24.7.-28.7.)
Cembalo/harpsichord & basso continuo Florian Birsak (24.7.-2.8.)
Hammerklavier/Fortepiano Wolfgang Brunner (28.7.-1.8.)
Viola da gamba Rodney Prada (29.7.-2.8.)
Barockcello/baroque cello Marco Testori (24.7.-28.7.)
Barocktanz, Schauspielkunst, Gestik/baroque dance, period acting Margit Legler (29.7.-2.8.)
Kann mit Gesang kombiniert werden
can be combined with singing
Gesang/singing Daniel Johannsen (24.7.-28.7.)
Ulrike Hofbauer (29.7.-2.8.)
Kann mit Schauspielkunst & Gestik kombiniert werden
can be combined with period acting

Innsbruck Barock is taking up again the thirty-year-old tradition of the previous summer academy of ancient Music. Since the 70's young artists in the field of early music have been travelling to this pitoresque small town, named Innsbruck. There artists like Gustav Leonhardt, René Jacobs, Nikolaus Harnoncourt created the basis of the early-music-movement and nourished the interest and enthusiasm of both musicians and audience.

In the meantime the historically informed performance practice has influenced artists' musical thoughts and all renowned music institutions have incorporated the „early music“ to their common musical education program.

At the university Mozarteum Salzburg the department for early music has set its marks as one of the leading departments in this field. A very well reason for our renowned professors to make the 2018-masterclass happen for the fifth time in a row! Next to professors of the early music department of the University Mozarteum, famous artists have been invited to teach & share their mastery on their instrument: Rodney Prada, Kees Boeke, Linde Brunmayr-Tutz and Daniel Johannsen.

The university Mozarteum is looking forward to the cooperation with the Innsbruck Festival of early music and thanks the "Tiroler Landeskonservatorium" for hosting and welcoming us in their institution.


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