Teaching in musicology for students on all musical courses deals primarily with European music history from the Middle Ages to the New Age. Particular emphasis is given to European folk music, non-European music and church music as well as cultural and academic issues on music. In many interdisciplinary projects as well as with cooperation partners in Austria and abroad a variety of subjects are studied: questions concerning music reception, treatises on composers; forms of cultural perception (the comparison of European and American music) and much more. In research the tasks are broad-ranging, focusing on the music history of the 18th to the 20th century: analytical aspects of the history of music reception, cultural and sociological issues as well as questions of aesthetics, philology, baroque music, the Viennese classical school and New Music in the 20th century, pop music. Emphasis is also given to research on folk music in the Alpine region and questions about music as a cultural phenomenon; special importance is attached to the work undertaken by the Institute of the History of Musical Reception and Interpretation. Several series of books are regularly prepared and published: Varia Musicologica (Peter Lang publishing house, Berne, Switzerland), Salzburg Contributions to Musicology (Peter Lang publishing house, Berne, Switzerland), Essays from various universities on Music Education and Musicology (Peter Lang publishing house, Berne, Switzerland) as well as the Handbook of Musical Genres (Laaber publishing house, Germany).