Acoustic and Videostudio/Media Lab

The Mozarteum MediaLab is a teaching room that contains state of the art equipment for the use of computers and audio technology in all kinds of music production and creation. Students also can use these facilities to work on their own projects, either independently or with help from a tutor. In addition there is the possibility to borrow portable audio and video recording devices as well as public adress systems for the use on stage. The MediaLab is situated in room AGG144 on the garden level of the Mirabellplatz building.

The main focusses of the MediaLab are...

  • Instruction Courses that cover the use of new media in music education and art production: Working with recording equipment and public address systems, using audio, MIDI, graphics and video recording and editing software and enhancing the compentence for the creative use of media technologies.
  • Working on Individual Projects Apart from the courses, the MediaLab is open for students every evening from Monday to Friday. They can practice the topics they learn in the courses there, or they can work independently on their own media projects. Advanced students can also use a seperate room which contains a small recording booth.
  • Technical Support and Equipment Rental Students and faculty members can by appointment get support at set times for technical tasks like transferring recordings to other media, format conversion, simple audio or video editing, musical notation, formating and layouting. At those same times it is also possible to borrow portable audio recording devices, video cameras and public adress systems.

More and detailed information about the MediaLab can be found at the MediaLab website